Position Title
MENASA Representative
Middle Eastern North African and South Asian

2020-21 Board


Radhika Marwaha is a senior Global Disease Biology major at UC Davis. As an Indian who grew up in the Middle East, Radhika wants to help the MENASA community foster deeper connections amongst its distinctions and similarities. Having served as a Community Organizer with the MENASA Student Resources unit for 2+ years now, she is committed to ensuring more programming and better visibility around topics that shape our students’ narratives. She dedicates her love and passion for working within the framework of the Fourth World Project that aims to better serve and engage in coalition-building between underrepresented and under-resourced peoples. Her research revolves around 
understanding the cultural, health, social, and political underpinnings behind refugee and immigrant resettlement and community development. She also works at Other Collective, a student-run journalism and social justice platform, where she and other like-minded folks are able to creatively diversify media. In her free time, Radhika loves reading, writing poetry, and spending quality time with her friends and family.