Welcome to the 2023-2024 Student Advisors to the Chancellor (SACs)

Kelechi Orji and C. Manual Fierro

                                                                    Pictured below with the Chancellor are the 2022-2023 SACs Jimena Calderon and Maahum Shahab                                                    

Jimena and Maahum


Updated picture coming soon


Our Mission

 Fostering communication between students and the administration

 Listening and responding to student issues

Utilizing resources to advance student interests

Advocating on behalf of students




Kelechi Orji 

C. Manuel Fierro



We want to hear any and all feedback, suggestions, concerns, and questions you have regarding student life. Invite us to your organization or club meetings. We need to know what matters to you.

Do you have concerns, questions, or ideas to share?

Please contact us at sac@ucdavis.edu to find out more about CUAB, and more!

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