Student Assistants to the Chancellor, Kelechi Ohiri and Gopika Mavalankar

Welcome to the 2017–18 Student Assistants to the Chancellor

Kelechi Ohiri and Gopika Mavalankar are the student assistants to the chancellor for 2017–18.

Kelechi is a fourth-year Organizational Studies major. She plays on the UC Davis NCAA Division 1 Women’s Volleyball team and is involved with the Nigerian Student Association and the Imani Clinic. She was also a student leader and helped coordinate media for the #BlackUnderAttack Student movement in 2016 that brought important changes to our campus.

Gopika is a fourth-year International Relations Major, minoring in Economics and Spanish. She has served on the Campus Judicial Board for two years and as the co-chair this past year. She is also in the Prytanean Women’s Honors society, the first UC Davis representative at the Clinton Global Initiative University, and served as an intern for the Domestic Policy Council at the White House during the Obama administration.

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Our Mission

  • Fostering communication between students and the administration
  • Listening and responding to student issues
  • Utilizing resources to advance student interests
  • Advocating on behalf of students

We want to hear any and all feedback, suggestions, concerns, and questions you have regarding student life. Invite us to your organization or club meetings. We need to know what matters to you.