Hiring 2020-2021 Student Advisor to the Chancellor

Flier of the hiring with images of previous and current student advisors with due date and application link.

APPLY AT: bit.ly/SAC20-21

DUE: Sunday, May 3rd, 11:59 pm


The Student Advisors' key responsibility is to help facilitate administrative & student interaction.

• Work closely and cooperatively with the administration, especially the Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Life, Campus Community and Retention Services and the Executive Director for the Community Resource and Retention Centers to become familiar with the administrative organization. Share student perspectives, suggestions or concerns with administrators, both through regular meetings and informal interactions.

• Keep up-to-date on a variety of interests and issues in the student community by interacting with
a broad range of student leaders, student organizations, groups, and individuals from across the campus.

• During established office hours, be available to any student with an interest, problem, or concern/complaint. Campus knowledge and contacts should be used to help students channel their interests, solve problems, or air their concerns/complaints.

• Initiate, coordinate or support special projects and events, including logistical management, serving on a variety of committees that are generated through regular contact with students and administrators or by the request of the Chancellor or Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. Establish an effective system of communication and teamwork with the other Student Advisors to the Chancellor.

Manage and allocate the budgetary resources provided to the Student Advisors, which may be used for the operation or promotion of the Student Advisor functions or to support selected student-led programs that arise during the year.

The SAC also serves as an administrative liaison to the members of the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Advisory Board (CUAB). The SAC’s assists in the preparation and conduct of interviews for the CUAB and makes recommendations on potential candidates. SAC’s may also take part in conducting the CUAB meetings, preparing agendas, filing reports on CUAB activities and assisting with individual member initiatives.


• Must be a registered student in good academic standing making progress towards a degree throughout the period
of service. Undergraduate students who will be a junior or senior will be considered for the position.

• Extensive knowledge of the campus climate and needs of students. Transfer students may use previous student
experience as a basis for consideration.

• Ability to respond to crises by mediating conflicts and managing crisis situations.

• Experience with facilitation skills.

• Experience planning and coordinating events.

• Demonstrated self-motivation and the capability to work well with a variety of people.

• Excellent written and verbal presentation skills and technological experience for word processing, e-mail
communication and social media.

Excellent time and project management skills.


The time commitment is one academic year from mid-September through mid-June. The hours are 15 to 19.5 per week for $14.50 per hour for nine months (subject to change; mid-September through mid-June).

Due to Student Affair’s commitment to a students’ academic success and the amount of time and energy necessary to fulfill the SAC position, all applicants must commit to holding no other on-campus position, internship or elected office while they are an employee of the Vice Chancellor’s Office for Student Affairs.